Contoure International, Inc.

Contoure International, Inc. specializes in providing wholesale alcohol appliances, electrical appliances (especially compact appliances from Europe), and low voltage lighting to various markets - including hotel, motel, marine, RV, government housing and assisted living. Operating from its warehouse in Florida, Contoure International, Inc. has become a prominent source for such diverse products as stoves, microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, reading and courtesy lighting, TVs and VCRs. Also, Contoure remains a reliable source for many 230-volt appliances (for export).

From its many years of experience supplying the marine industry, Contoure International, Inc. customers benefit from three basic product policies:

A Fair, Competitive Price. It is not only important that Contoure customers are quoted a fair price for appliances, but that pricing should be in alignment with the industry's manufacturing cycle...i.e. few changes during model year production and new prices renegotiated each year prior to the start of new model year.

A Consistent Product. No one likes it when the supplier changes products and/or dimensions, but eventually this must happen. Contoure strives to offer products whose life cycle coincides with model year usage or may warehouse remaining supplies to ensure availability.

Products for the Market. Contoure is constantly searching for products that have value for the marine and RV markets. That is one reason why the company imports appliances and lighting from Europe, where critical size restraints and quality demands have created extremely small, compact products that are very appropriate for these markets.
Our Sarasota, FL Sales/Warehouse